if you wanna talk, of course you got to listen

One last post before doing the house-cleaning thingy, please allow me to share a-bit-braid-failure-picture. 

I love to see braided-hair girls, but unfortunately I don't see myself capable of doing the good braid hairstyle on my own :)

one of these days

I was staring at the beach, in the morning, when sunset comes, and in the night. I guess that was the effect of not having enough sun burn for the past 10 years. 
So one of these days, I can't stop thinking about white sand, whistling wind and their adorable friends. Pictures and memories were still remains, but I need that warm feeling, once again please?

Sun, Sea, Sand

A perfect beach for me must have these three items: high exposure of sunshine, white sand, and not-so-calm waves. You can find those easily in Bali!
Last week was my very first time stepping foot in Bali, and the first beach we visited was Dreamland. Behind  big rock in Dreamland, there is an additional lovely thing you can find, lesser crowd, woohoo!

Bali, how I missed you so.